Artistic Director


Formed in 2014 by Drama League and Lilly Award winner Shakina Nayfack, Musical Theatre Factory (MTF) is a radical, intentional, rigorous and inclusive nonprofit arts-services organization dedicated to helping musical theatre artists develop and present new work in a collaborative atmosphere free from commercial pressure. MTF is committed to the practice of art-making as change-making, dismantling oppressive ideologies towards a goal of collective liberation by centering artists of excellence who exist at the intersection of underrepresented groups.

Since its founding, MTF’s diverse lineup of programs has assisted in the development of hundreds of new musical works – including Michael R. Jackson’s Pulitzer Prize winning A Strange Loop.

Now, entering our 8th season, MTF has announced our search for a new Artistic Director who will lead the organization into a new phase of artistic rebuilding post-pandemic, focused on incremental growth and sustainable models of programming and community redevelopment. The Artistic Director will work under the guidance of the MTF Board of Directors and alongside our Managing Director to continue the Factory’s mission and offerings, and in consultation with our Founding Artistic Director, lead the organization in crafting artistic programs, goals, and a strategic plan for the future.

Musical Theatre Factory Artistic Director: An Overview

The Artistic Director is responsible for conceiving, developing and implementing the artistic vision and creative programming of Musical Theatre Factory; facilitating virtually all major decisions about the ongoing development of our community’s values, mission, and creative activities.

Duties of the Artistic Director include:

  • Working with the Managing Director, Board of Directors and staff to develop, implement and evaluate various creative programs with the goal of ensuring all artistic needs are met in a timely and professional manner.
  • Actively leading fundraising efforts; including working with the Board of Directors to identify and cultivate both individual and institutional donors.
  • Identifying potential candidates to fill open seats on the Board.
  • Strategizing with the Board, Managing Director, Founding Artistic Director and staff to promote the sustainable operations of MTF and its artistic programming.


Traditionally, MTF’s programming has been known as The Assembly Line, a series of graduated programs designed to promote the steady growth of artists’ work. These have included Factory Salons, the 4×15 series, the Concert Series at Joe’s Pub, Developmental Residencies and Showcase/Workshops.

More recently, MTF has invited our resident artists to join a cohort of fellow Makers, Representation Roundtables and other ad-hoc creative communities within our larger community, the goal being to encourage dialogue, creativity, fellowship and awareness.

Our new Artistic Director will be tasked not only with cultivating these programs but also re-evaluating them — while working with the Managing Director, Board and staff to establish meaningful new ones, as appropriate. As the COVID pandemic continues to evolve, and MTF works to reemerge as a fundamentally in-person organization, we welcome innovative ideas, energy and programs that will meet the changing needs of our community and the community at large.

Additional Duties

The Artistic Director of the MTF will be asked to hold regular office hours, participate in budgeting, board meetings, community gatherings, public relations and promotions; cultivate and maintain relationships both within and outside of the organization — tending to the growth of our connections to artists, staff, patrons, partners and the Theater community as a whole. A comprehensive knowledge of MTF’s ongoing mission, our community, structure, projects and financial well-being is essential. The Artistic Director must be able to communicate knowledgeably, urgently and compassionately both with artists and “civilians” alike.


The ideal candidate will have 3 or more years of artistic, producing, literary or other equivalent experience relevant to the above responsibilities. Candidates should have strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to organize and prioritize; excellent interpersonal skills; a working knowledge of, and relationships with, key players and organizations in the musical theatre community; a good sense of humor; strong work ethic; a demonstrated history of working with artists of diverse backgrounds, and a proven interest and commitment to the development of new musicals, expanding the ideas of what Musical Theatre can be and do in the world.

The Artistic Director will join a dedicated and talented team of passionate professionals and will oversee a small staff of paid part-time program coordinators and volunteers. Musical Theatre Factory is intentional in our role as gatekeepers and curators and we have robust systems in place through our governing bylaws and programmatic Assembly Line to ensure the resources we provide support the work of artists from communities that have traditionally not been given equal opportunity and access.

We strongly encourage QTPOC candidates and those from underrepresented communities to apply for this position.

Compensation starts at $40k annually with a maximum pre-tax healthcare reimbursement benefit of $441.66 monthly provided through a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA). Review of applications begins October 1st with interviews beginning in November. The new Artistic Director will ideally begin on-boarding with the Managing Director and Founding Artistic Director in December of 2021, to begin full-time work in January 2022. This will be a flexible full-time position, and it is understood that candidates may pursue work outside of the position (i.e. teaching, directing) without impacting the ability to fulfill the responsibilities above.

Ready to apply?

MTF values transparency, diversity, innovation and kindness and we welcome any thoughts, questions and dialogue about the application, position and our programs — as well as any regarding the organization as a whole.