MTF Makers III Application

Musical Theatre Factory will begin accepting applications for the third MTF Makers™ cohort beginning January 9th, 2023 with applications closing February 15th, 2023 at 11:59pm.

MTF Makers is an 18-month residency program designed to support the evolution of 10 change-making artists, centering them as the next thought leaders of the musical theatre industry. This program seeks to strengthen skills, cultivate relationships, and promote equitable access to resources, democratizing entry points for artists from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. Makers are radically reinventing the musical theatre form with the desire to make it more accessible, inclusive, and just. 

Innovative artists understand the power of question-asking in manifesting new realities. We’re curious about your questions concerning musical theatre; from form, to process, to practice.  MTF is inviting artists of all disciplines to submit a question that is central to your vision for the future of the field. We believe that the best way for those questions to be interrogated is through practice. Therefore, we ask that you pair your question with a project proposal that serves your investigation.

After being selected, you will meet your cohort and MTF’s artistic staff to get to know one another and your distinct curiosities. While each of you is on your individual journey, bimonthly cohort meetings act as an incubation space to wrestle with each other’s questions as a community. This practice leads to a more robust and refined understanding of not only your central question but the most pressing questions facing our industry.

To begin, you as an artist get one-on-one time with MTF’s Artistic Director and resident dramaturgs to set a roadmap for how you would like to investigate your question and project over the course of 18 months. MTF then pairs artists with professionals in the field who are asking similar questions or are in the discipline you would like to learn more about. These paired professional partnerships help inform each artist’s process, practice, and evolution. As Makers, you will not only apply these learnings to your own work but take them back to cohort meetings where the group shares their new knowledge with each other, deepening each other’s practice along the way.

Using your unique roadmap as a guide, MTF gives Makers the opportunity to sandbox your new ideas through Research & Dramaturgy time and access to MTF’s Assembly Line suite of activities that best fit the needs of each investigation. Over the course of these 18 months, your central question may evolve through your learnings. MTF commits to supporting each individual artist as your curiosities expand.

At the end of this journey, you get the opportunity to present your work and share your radical new approaches for reimagining the musical theatre landscape.

What makes an artist a Maker?

As an Individual:

As a Community Member:

As a Thought Leader: 

Finally, we seek artists who are uncompromising in their determination to bring the margins to the center, thriving within the friction that exists between what the musical theatre industry is, and what we would like it to be.