Musical Theatre Factory is revolutionizing the way new work is developed and how arts organizations are serving creators at each step along the way. Taking learnings from other industries and grounded in dramaturgy, MTF has applied Agile portfolio management practices to create impactful new works that are disrupting the traditional methods of making musical theatre. By shaping an iterative process for engagement tailored to each artist’s needs and way of creating, artists can take risks and make discoveries while continuously meeting opportunities for community feedback in a supportive and well-facilitated environment. This expansive space for continuous discourse creates structures for artists to test the impact of their work as it meets an audience and cultivates the intention behind the effect a piece will have.

“Musical Theatre Factory is a playpen for the actor, playwright and composer. MTF provides limitless space to explore what evoking new theatrical work might look like. Their commitment to new artists makes us believe that we should keep going.”

Douglas Lyons, MTF Artist

The most direct impact is felt by our artists. Nearly 75% of our organizational expenses go toward the direct support of artists and the process of their creation. Works and artists that have come out of The Factory are impacting audiences across the country and around the world. From London to South Africa and everywhere in between, MTF and our ethos are challenging oppressive ideologies and systems toward our collective liberation. Musical storytelling is perhaps the most diplomatic force of change we have to inspire empathy. Audiences come to the theatre from all walks of life, but from the time they enter our spaces until the time they leave, we have something that is arguably the most scarce resource in today’s world — a person’s undivided time and attention. Musical theatre makers are tour guides taking an audience on a walk in someone else’s shoes, and when that tour is conducted well with all the story structures working harmoniously to build an engaging, thought-provoking, and well-crafted story, audiences become witnesses of what a more compassionate world could look like. By empowering these artists to hone these stories and ensuring they have the tools they need to push boundaries and create in new ways, MTF is actively shaping the future of the industry and society at large.

“I was able to do whatever the [fac] I wanted to do and MTF was the zenith of that in the developmental stages. Being designed to be away from critical or commercial success gave me freedom to experiment, try new things and be raw and honest and real and to say the unsayable. I think MTF is crucial to that king of development of new work.”

Michael R. Jackson, Founding Member of MTF

MTF is a trendsetter in the industry. Our human-centric organization focuses on building best practices for equitable labor standards in an industry that has long thrived on inequality, inequity, and exploitation. MTF is committed to valuing our artists, staff, and community and ensuring access to resources for our community of underrepresented creators. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for volunteerism. Every staff member, contractor, or artist who engages with opportunities for showcase & focused experimentation is paid an NYC living wage. We have seen our policies and procedures ripple across the industry and be adopted by other organizations and institutions large and small, and our community members are active in spaces that promote field-wide initiatives to democratize the means of production and uplift artists and arts workers as vital to the movement.

“The brilliant imagining happening at Musical Theatre Factory is not only creating new pathways for our industry but new pathways for our world. The only way we are going to be able to create a new future is to imagine it. Supporting MTF is supporting a more caring, more bold, more life-affirming future.”

AriDy Nox, MTF Makers Cohort I