What is XR?

XR stands for “extended reality” which is an all-encompassing term to refer to all forms of immersive technology, like augmented reality (virtual objects in physical space) and virtual reality (fully virtual environments). 

Why does MTF care about XR?

MTF is dedicated to expanding horizons and shifting culture- we are invested in innovation and collaboration is a part of our DNA. We are excited to integrate the creative pipelines of musical theatre makers and XR creators to participate in building equity, inclusion, and justice in the XR landscape. 

What is exciting about XR as a musical theatre maker?

We don’t believe live XR theatre is going to replace live theatre as we know it. XR is an entirely distinct medium of artistic expression where theatre makers’ skill sets are compatible. Like theatre, XR is a spatial medium, so skills as a theatre maker are valuable and translatable. Unlike theatre, XR allows you to imagine new worlds that are not physically possible and transform the world around us. We hope to provide this opportunity to expand possibilities for our community in a rapidly growing field. 

Why is XR for you as a musical theatre maker?

The best XR experiences are like the best musicals: deeply collaborative and driven by interconnected storytelling. Therefore, musical theatre makers are specifically suited to succeed in XR due to our experience with world building, spatial relationships, dramaturgy, and collaboration. 

What experiences are leading the way today?

Many theatre and dance makers have already made an impact on the field. Here are some examples:

Wolves in the Walls

The Under Presents: Tempest

The Book of Distance