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Musical Theater Factory is an organization dedicated to radical change in the American Theater. In the most recent study of American Theater, we learned that only 23% of new work produced was by people of color. Less than 1% of work produced in the American theater is written by people trans and non-binary identified writers and essentially zero percent is written by trans and non-binary people of color. Over 80% of NYC theater produced is written by white men. In 2018 MTF launched their inaugural cohort of MTF Makers, providing an 18 month commitment to a cohort or people of color, trans folx, and women to dream us into the future. 

Dramaturgs, gatekeepers, and fellow makers hard at work during the course of an MTF season facilitating roundtables, attending events, and giving valuable guidance to the hundreds of artists that MTF serves. Every dollar counts and every gift matters. Please take a moment to support us in any gift that feels significant to you, because it is immensely significant to us. And for folx who want to contribute in other ways through volunteering, performing, supplies, and labor, we see you and value your contributions just as much. 

Thank you so much everyone for being here.