Which Wavelength are you on? 

Being a part of our community here at Musical Theatre Factory means supporting the programs and resources we provide. We value access as a central tenant of our programming — artists never pay to receive resources from the Factory. To sustain and grow these resources for development and exploration we rely on the generous support of like-minded individuals who wish to invest in the groundbreaking work revolutionizing the field. By riding any of our Wavelengths below, you are a continued part of our movement supporting creatives who are evolving the industry (not to mention all the perks)! 

Take a look at out offerings below. Getting started is easy: make a gift of the specified base amount or more below, and our team will be in touch. As always, if you have any questions, they can be directed to give@mtf.nyc. We hope to welcome you to the community!


The impact our artists and process are having on the industry has made waves. As we continue to revolutionize the field by creating a community of creators who are making art to make change. Your Reverberating monthly gift of any amount makes waves too! 

Even $10/month can have major impacts on our organization’s ability to be responsive to the needs of our artists and serve the field. By being a Reverberating donor, you are helping our waves echo and building our community.

How do I get started?

Sign up as a monthly recurring donor at $10 or more. 

What’s so special about being a Reverb Supporter?

  1. Catch the latest on the wavelength with our Reverb Newsletter containing updates and information on all lines of programming and the latest opportunities to engage with the Factory
  2. Early RSVP access to 4×15™ Rounds and Concerts
  3. Access to pre-sale tickets to our annual Anti-Gala
  4. Access to our punch card system — every 3 months you donate in a row and get a free ticket to a concert or other Factory merch
  5. Priority listing online and in programs


Are you down to FAC and think our work and artists should be reaching more people? Drop your donation here and be part of our Amplification movement. 

By making a one-time gift of $20 or more, you can be part of providing the resources to help make the connections to make the work of our artists more accessible to audiences locally and nationally! 

How do I get started?

Donate a one-time contribution of $20 or more.

What’s so special about being an Amplification Supporter? 

  1. Catch the latest on our wavelength via the Amplified Newsletter focusing on major performances and MTF projects at and beyond their life at the Factory
  2. Early access to all Concerts and Labs
  3. Special invite for the Amplified Wavelength Afterglow following a concert


Experimenting is what we do best. MTF is on the forefront of innovation in disrupting and distorting the way musical theatre is created, the forms it can take, and whose stories are centered. 

By dropping your beat on our Distortion Wavelength, you are empowering our artists to continue creating work that disrupts traditional storytelling methods and empowers creators to take risks as they dismantle oppressive systems through powerful and joyful story in song! 

How do I get started?

Donate a one-time contribution of $20 or more.

What’s so special about being a Distortion Supporter? 

  1. Catch the latest on our wavelength via our Distortion Newsletter that focuses on our artists and projects that are creating the hottest new innovative stories and structures
  2. Early access to MTFxR™ projects and Labs 
  3. Special invite and 1 drink ticket (alcoholic or not!)  for the Distortion Afterglow Afterglow following an MTFxR™ project


Do you love the development process where artists dig deep to discover a story for the first time? Most musicals take 8+ years on average to become a fully realized piece, so what happens over those 70,080+ hours? Ideation, expansion, experimentation, interrogation, and lots of caffeine.

Drop your donation on our Preamp Wavelength and empower our creators as they explore and expand their pieces. 

How do I get started?

Donate a one-time contribution of $20 or more.

What’s so special about being a Preamp Supporter?

  1. Catch the latest on our wavelength via our Preamp Newsletter which focuses on our community of creators, projects in development, and rotating forum of best practices
  2. Early access to Factory Salons™ and 4×15™ Rounds
  3. Special invite and 1 drink ticket (alcoholic or not!) for the Preamp Wavelength Afterglow following a Salon.


What if I want to be a part of multiple wavelengths? 

We would LOVE for you to be! Simply make a single gift of $20 per group or more, and email give@mtf.nyc letting us know. 

For example, if you’d like to ride the Preamp & Distortion wavelengths, make your one time gift of $40 or more online, and email give@mtf.nyc.

What is a Wavelength Afterglow?

You know that feeling? When the experience you just had was SO good, you didn’t want it to end? With our Wavelength Afterglows the party continues! MTF will be hosting a post-show afterparty at a nearby establishment following each specified line of programming as a place for our community to gather, celebrate, and make connections. As part of your specific Wavelength, you will receive a drink ticket for a specialty cocktail (or mocktail) at the Afterglow. There is no charge for admission to the Afterglow and drinks will be available at the bar for any plus ones you bring along.

What if I already give monthly?

If you give monthly and have not been in touch with MTF yet, email give@mtf.nyc!

Can I bring a friend to the Wavelength Gatherings? 

Absolutely! We love new friends, the events are not exclusive and everyone is welcome. However, only the Wavelength supporter will receive the voucher for the specialty cocktail, your guest will be able to purchase our specialty cocktail or drink of their choice from the bar! 

What if I don’t drink/am sober?

There is a non-alcoholic “mocktail” version of our specialty drink so you can also enjoy your evening without the alcohol! 

How long is a Newsletter Subscription for?

Each newsletter will be issued quarterly until June 30th of each calendar year.